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A better body now! Problems of excess weight, flaccid skin, cellulite, body tone, contouring or sculpting now have a helping hand. Using specific techniques, we offer many types of natural and organic treatments to help tighten and firm your hips, thighs, arms, abdomen, back and other target zones. These areas are where you typically find cellulite and fat pockets. The point of our treatments is to dissolve fat and to naturally flush it out of your body. By focusing on those target areas you are able to obtain maximum result.

Coffee Wrap

60-minute treatment $100

Slim and tone your body with a cutting-edge cellulite treatment. This slimming and toning wrap stimulates your body's ability to break down fat, increase your metabolism and eliminate water retention. With organic ingredients that include coffee, naturally rich in chlorogenic acid, proteins with essential oils that will smooth and enhance your skin's overall texture, visibly reducing spongy, dimply and cellulitic areas.


30-minute treatment $100

Massages are an effective and proven means to reduce weight and inches. They are done with reducing creams and oils for a more effective result. The massage breaks down fat, activates circulation and combats cellulite.

Why undergo the risks of surgery? These reductive massages last 30 minutes per session and for better results should be done a minimum of twice a week.


45 minute treatment $100

A treatment that incorporates the use of heat, wrapped hot bandages, with marine algae's, seaweed, essential oils, or other natural products. Not only does this treatment help with reducing weight and inches, it also deeply exfoliate, cleanse and relax. The kelp wraps are helpful in eliminating toxins, reducing cellulite, replenishing essential minerals and restoring moisture to your skin.


40 minute treatment $100

The electrodes toning treatment involves a system that stimulates muscles with small electric pulses designed to provoke periodic muscle contractions.

The electrodes toning treatment is used and helps with body toning, obesity, sagging, postpartum recovery, preventive gymnastics to pre-stroke, stress, fatigue, muscle aches, certain forms of rheumatism, and cellulite.


45 minute treatment $100

Paraffin treatment with heat helps absorb fat from your body as well as reaffirm skin and leave skin feeling soft and detoxified. The treatment also helps with cellulite and tones skin tissues. The treatment last 30 minutes

Parafango Wraps

60 minute treatment $100

Parafango is a mixture of paraffin wax and dehydrated mud (in Italian, "fango" means "mud"). It is a perfect combination for treating cellulite and speeding inch loss, due to the thermal properties of paraffin and the detoxifying effects of the mud. During the treatment, the warm Parafango stimulates the lymphatic flow in the body and draws out toxins from around the fat cells, resulting in immediate, noticeable results. Differences can be seen and felt after just 1 treatment; however a series of 10 is needed for optimum results.